Review: Shield of Winter

I love Nalini Singh. She’s one of those authors who’s writing is magical. I can read one or two sentences and, no matter what she’s writing about, I want to continue. Her Psy-Changeling series is absolutely delicious.

Like most of her heroes, Vasic is a little scary. He’s an Arrow, a highly trained soldier who’s just that close to being a lethal killer. Vasic admits that he feels very little and his life is pretty hopeless. Still, he feels for the other Arrows and is devoted to duty.

His duty is protecting Ivy Jane, our heroine. Like Vasic, she’s gone through horrible trauma and is more than a little apprehensive of him at first. Together, they fight for their people and come to find in each other more than just support but healing and, finally, love.

I can give you the gist of what happens but it won’t do the book justice. Nalini Singh, once again, weaves her magic and reading this book is sheer delight. The lines aren’t over the top, the characters are real and attractive, the plot is logical and not contrived. There’s a reason she’s on my automatic-buy list and this book reminded me of it. In fact, I ran to the bookstore to find another of her series that I had managed to miss.

If you don’t know Nalini Singh, check her out. She’s a New York Times Bestseller for good reason and, take it from me, she’s reliably amazing. This book is just one of the many she’s written that deserve great compliments.



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