Review: The Professional

The Professional, from Kresley Cole is simply pure enjoyment. A story of rags to riches with the thrill of a chase added in. It’s never too complicated to follow and never let me down. I devoured it in one of those delicious afternoons that make me wish for the weekend.

Natalie is a hard-working Masters student when she gets a surprise. She meets a mysterious Siberian, Sevastyan, who refuses to take no for an answer and drags her to Russia. On the plane ride there, Natalie starts to uncover her story and why she’s suddenly in danger.

Sevastyan is protective and introverted which, at times, creates issues. But the two are pushed into relying on each other and it’s not long before they’re in a roller-coaster of an adventure.

The Professional was terrific read. It’s written from Natalie’s point of view and I loved that. It’s intimate and I fell in love with Natalie from the start. The plot kept me glued to the pages. It moves quickly from one location to another and kept me wondering what was going to happen next. Fun and delightfully romantic, I’d highly recommend this one to anyone who likes a thriller and romance.



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