A fantastic idea

I don’t know if you’ve heard me ramble about Sourcerer or Just Gene’O. They’re these two blogs I absolutely adore. I find their posts inspirational and the content amazing. But, if I was to sit and think about it, the most powerful part of those blogs is Gene’O and how incredibly kind and compassionate he is. He just blows my mind.

So, turns out, he’s come up with a great idea, on Compassion. After the rally in Paris and the way the world unified against terrorism, I think compassion is more important than ever.

(credit: historybyzim.com)

(credit: historybyzim.com)

So I’m definitely up for this idea. On Friday, February 20th, all I have to do is blog around the idea of compassion. Not too tough. He’s hoping we get 1000 people to do it. What a beautiful idea.

Personally, I have found the internet to be an incredible source of amazing, compassionate people. They inspire me to give back. Gene’O is one of them. I’d love it, if there was more compassion in our world. What a beautiful thought.

(credit: wordsonimages.com)

(credit: wordsonimages.com)

Wanna join us?

19 thoughts on “A fantastic idea

  1. Awesome! I thought you might like this. Not my idea, though. My friend Gretchen turned me on to it. I’m just doing that thing where I tell all the bloggers I know about it and see who run with it. 🙂 The blog post that actually inspired the whole thing was at a friend’s blog, but it’s not available right now because she’s having a serious problem with WordPress and waiting to hear back from them.

  2. He is an extraordinary Human Being! 😀 I definitely agree. And 1000 Voices! is an exciting project. I believe Luther has a post that also helps highlight the original source and inspiration for it. I apologize that I don’t have that link handy to include, but Gene’O will most likely comment and help add a lot to the conversation. I’m inspired by seeing your enthusiasm for the project and very much look forward to reading your Compassion project post Taylor. I Love your Blog, btw.

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