About Amy’s Courage

The second book of my series already has a title. Unfortunately, it has little else.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written the book. But it’s a first draft and like all first drafts, it’s ugly. Really ugly.

I’ve been struggling with the editing. Really struggling. I kept opening up the draft, shuddering with horror and basically closing it again. I thought about settling and just doing a mediocre job but I hated doing that.

Then I read D. Emery’s excellent post Good News and Bad News, and I felt so validated. D. Emery writes about being stuck writing his second book, Darkness Revealed. He puts eloquently into words exactly what I feel.

Darkness Revealed is much more obvious about the philosophy aspects, and that takes a lot of thinking to get right. I need to craft philosophical ways of thinking and explaining the situation behind the Darkening, and they need to be logically sound.

And I don’t have the mental capacity (and barely the time) to do that right now.

…I realize that’s a disappointment for the people eager to read the sequel, but as I said with my retrospective post, quality is first, quantity will come with time.”

He could go ahead and write a mediocre book but his integrity won’t let him and I admire that in him. In fact, that’s what I want for my book too.

D. Emery’s post gives me hope. I hope that, like he wrote, ‘quality first, quantity will come with time’. For a beginning writer like myself, hope is a wonderful thing.


21 thoughts on “About Amy’s Courage

  1. Oh, that is soooo true. Last night, I put away the FD of my second novel. Perhaps, in time I’ll return to it, and I’ll remember ‘quality first, quantity will come with time.’ Thankyou for this, Taylor.

  2. Okay, what have I told you…revise and edit one itty bitty scene at a time. It’s the same as writing and we love writing correct? 🙂

  3. They’re all ‘eye-searing’ bad in the beginning. What you’re experiencing happens to me every single time I open up my first draft and face the prospect of fixing all the damage! Listen to Winter – you should take it one step at a time; rejoice in the fact that it’s written, that you gave your characters life, and that you now get to spend so much more time with them! We’re all with you on the struggling part (as evidenced in D Emery’s post), so use us if you need to and don’t be afraid to take your time and make Amy’s Courage shine 🙂

    • You’re both so incredibly kind! Did you know Winter actually sent me a copy of her draft to encourage me? I will absolutely hear what you say and go back with a determined grin (if that even exists). Thank you so much for that wonderful comment!!

      • Determined grins absolutely exist and they turn into satisfaction 🙂 Winter rocks – sending you a copy of her draft is awesome! I’d do that too, if only to make you laugh (I have notes to myself in the margin – my sarcastic inner editor), but they’re mostly hand written. Don’t forget we’re here for you if you need us, or to have a little fun with Amy 🙂

  4. As you know, I know how you feel, but chin up! Ever since I admitted to myself that I’m not mentally ready to write the next draft, ideas of how I can have started blossoming. Admitting it was hard made it easier, in other words.

    I’m confident that in the near future (read: after Purpose is finalized and with a publication date) that I’ll be able to sit down and power through it. The story is too good in arc, development, and revelation not to be eventually written.

    • That’s really good advice! Actually writing this post really helped. Not only because of the awesome support but also because, like you say, admitting it’s hard somehow made it easier. I’m glad you see the good aspects in Purpose. Keep writing!

      • Purpose is pretty much there, with some minor tweaks to make it read better and smooth out some worldbuilding cracks (critically important when it’s going to be the “lead in” to a continuous timeline of events for three perspectives and dozens of characters), I should be good.

        Would you be up for beta reading it?

      • I love being a beta reader! Yet as I read your comment I knew I’m having trouble even finding time to edit my own book. I struggled and struggled with having to say no but *sigh* I’m going to have to pass. As much as I’d love to sink into a good book, I know I’d be only asking for trouble if I said yes right now. Please don’t take this as any sign that I wouldn’t love to read Purpose, because there’s nothing better than a new book (at least for me). I am really so sorry I have to say no. 😦

      • Oh! I loved that picture of Morpheus! And I laughed and thought about it ALL day! You’re making it so hard to say no! But I know my days and just how crazy it is right now. I have to pass or I will definitely lose the little sanity I have left. Still, thank you so much for thinking of me for a beta! I take that as a huge compliment!

  5. I think his quote summed it up exactly. We spend so long writing these books and creating these worlds and characters, you should spend the time getting it right, rather than pushing out something you won’t be happy with! 🙂

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