Review: Holding the Dream

I was a huge fan of this book. I know it’s only part two and some times those middle books tend to sag, but this one shone.

It’s by Nora Roberts, so it was incredibly well written. There was witty dialogue and the characters were awesome but, if I’m honest, the big hit with me was the heroine, Kate Powell.

Kate is a woman after my own heart mostly because she’s a lot like me. She’s determined to rescue herself (I might defer there. I love a well-timed rescue), she’s hard working, a bit bookish, nerdy, nervous and she loves math. To make her even more likeable, she adores the hero’s two puppies.

Byron is the hero and he rescues a very reluctant Kate from the mess she finds herself in. Nora being Nora, Byron only helps Kate get back on her feet before she finds her voice and fixes the issue herself. Still, there was enough of a rescue to satisfy the romantic in me and make me sigh with delight. And Byron was determined without being obnoxious which Nora does with tons of class. He was awesome, easy going, yet very determined to get his woman.

The trio of women who create this series are easy to like. They’re all hard working women (when has Nora Roberts ever written a woman who’s not?) and stand by each other through thick and thin. Add in a touch of humour and a beautiful love story and you’ve got a hit. If you haven’t tried this series, give them a go. They’re absolute keepers.


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10 thoughts on “Review: Holding the Dream

  1. Great review, Taylor. And you’re absolutely right, she excels at writing strong and complex women who are always a pleasure to spend time with. Then there are the men…*stares off into the distance* Ahem, sorry, about that.

    I loved this series! I have a soft spot for the Bride Quartet, but this came close. In fact, who am I kidding – anything she writes and I’m lost for hours! If Nora were a stick of Blackpool rock, she would have storytelling running through the middle 🙂

      • The Bride Quartet for a start – you’ll absolutely love it! I also enjoyed Nora’s – The Donovan Legacy. Have you ever read Karen Rose (if not she’s a romantic thriller/crime writer and she’s terrific). I particularly like Larissa Ione, but I’m sure you’ve read her Demonic series. What else…if you haven’t caught Ilona Andrews – her Kate Daniels series is incredible. The romance is a slow start – the hero and heroine don’t get together until the fourth book (if I remember rightly), but Kate is kick ass and the stories are incredible. That’s the top of my head – I’ll have a think on it!

      • OMG! You’re awesome! I haven’t tried either Karen Rose or Larissa Ione or Ilona Andrews! They’re going to my list right now and I’ll be heading to the book store!! Thanks so much!

      • I’m so excited for you – you get to spend time with the angels and demons created by Larissa and I know you are going to adore them as much as I do! Let me know what you think…you’re going to have such fun!

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