If We Were Having Coffee…

I love these posts. They’re interesting, easy to read and sound like I’m talking to a friend over coffee. There’s something about the way Part Time Monster writes that’s captivating.

Part Time Monster

I’d tell you that it’s been a hell of  a week. I sat exams on Monday, left school on Wednesday, spent the last few days working on my resume and grading final papers, and today is the husband’s birthday, so we’re off to lunch with the family and then tonight we’re on to The Nightmare Before Christmas Burlesque, a production that some of our friends are in. Tomorrow, Little Jedi comes home from a visit to his dad’s house, and I have to get final grades finished before then.

I’d tell you that this week is going to be a whirlwind of working on and sending out the resume, Christmas shopping, and last minute details. I’ve been so caught up in exams and in decision making that I haven’t had much time for stopping to think about Christmas. We’ve got the trees up, but we haven’t done any shopping.


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