Snow is coming…and I’m not happy.

A year ago, I clearly remember writing a post titled: Waiting for snow. I’m not waiting for snow this year. In fact, unrealistic as it may be, I’m hoping it passes us altogether. After the never-ending freezing nightmare that was last year’s Winter, I was hoping to have a short, brief, warm season (or as warm as you can get in Canada).


Notice the ‘was’? Yeap. The farmers are already predicting a long winter. And a cold one with tons of snow and freezing temperatures. That nasty Polar Vortex is supposed to be wrecking havoc all over us again.




This is not a Canada-only phenomenon. Check out this post by HalfEatenMind.

On the other hand, the akitas around here couldn’t be happier.




14 thoughts on “Snow is coming…and I’m not happy.

  1. Last winter was terrible! I live in the Thumb of Michigan and it was crazy. On the bright side, because of the temps and the amount of snow, we never got those brown, barren days in mid winter where everything was ugly and still unbelievably cold. It was pretty much white all season. Still, it snowed on Halloween here. Halloween! That better not be an indication of things to come. Hang in there!

  2. I’m in NJ, where I used to be able to laugh at the people who freak out at the scant 1/2 inch of snow. Having grown up in Michigan, I knew snow. But last winter, we were buried by one brutal storm after another – and predictions for this year are more of the same. Guess I should be glad I know how to shovel. My kids – queens of the silver lining – are already making sledding plans.

    • Kids love snow. They’re all praying for the white stuff here and they go nuts when they first see it (like they’ve never seen it before). I shudder to think of another winter like last and I remember that the US got hit really badly last year…hang in there!

  3. Let it snow, let it snow, let…No! Absolutely love that 🙂 I hate the snow, so I’m really unpopular because my girls love it. Yes it can be romantic, and don’t we all long to settle down beneath a roaring fire with pretty white snow-flakes drifting past the window…no. At least not in real life, when we have to drive through it, battle through it, and dodge giant snowballs (my girls are evil!). Great post – be sure to wrap up warm and stay safe 🙂

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