RECAPVIEW: The Walking Dead S5E01, “No Sanctuary”

A fantastic new development at Sourcerer! We now have Luther M. Siler contributing! I’m so excited! Check out his very first post!


The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-Key-Art-Hunt-Or-Be-Hunted_001Hi!  I’m Luther Siler.  I have somehow convinced the fine folks at Sourcerer that letting me do reviews of AMC’s The Walking Dead is a good idea.  I am not sure how; it may have involved blackmail and certainly involved black magic.

Actually, I’m not certain that “reviews” is going to be an accurate description of what I’m doing.  Maybe it’s a recap.  I dunno; I’ll figure it out as I go along.  Point is, now I’m here, all postin’ on somebody else’s blog and stuff.  Time to break shi… uh… things.  

A bit about me:  this is my blog, these are my books, and this is my Twitter.  I work at a school as a day job and at a miniature golf course as a night job; my wife and my three-year-old take up the rest of my time.  This post is…

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