Pay-It-Forward Fridays

I saw a wonderful idea in this post by Emily Guido and I got pretty excited about it. The concept is to feature a blogger or author on Fridays. Anyone goes as long as they’re interested.

I’ve received an incredible amount of support from bloggers, authors and people I’ve met on line who didn’t know me and were just very kind, supportive souls. And, when I read that article, I thought: time to give back.

I loved this quote from Emily’s mother:

“I cast a couple pieces of bread on the water and the waves bring me back a ham sandwich.”

Karma is a beautiful thing.

What do you think? Interested? Let me know about your blog or your book or anything you’d like to see get a little boost and I’m all over it.

If you think this might interest you, give me a shout!


31 thoughts on “Pay-It-Forward Fridays

  1. What a brilliant idea! And such a lovely thing too. There are so many amazing bloggers and the community is so incredibly supportive, it would be nice to learn more about them in this series 🙂

  2. What a wonderful idea 🙂 You’re so incredibly supportive of the community, with useful posts you’ve read in the week, reviews, insights…the list is long. I look forward to seeing this develop.

  3. Okay, I’ll do some shameless self-promotion of both my blog and my book. The blog’s at, and the book will be out at the end of December, so I’m anxious to get the word out about it. It’s called The Divorce Diet, and it’s dedicated to every woman who ever walked away from a relationship. Or a diet. Thanks for your generosity in wanting to promote other bloggers and writers. May the ham sandwiches flow thick on the water where you are.

  4. Love this idea! Count me in! Let me know what I can do to help! I am going to re blog your blog to start. Have a wonderful day!

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