It’s so good to be home!

I’m such a home body. It’s something that’s never been as clear to me as during this one day away from home. I missed my home terribly. I missed my dogs, my hubby and the lovely conveniences of having TV, internet and a phone.

This retreat was like entering a different time period. The entire building was massive, set in a place among 150 acres of forest with lakes and trails that were beautiful if you’re a squirrel and want to leg it.


The place was as quiet as a tomb and incredibly laberinth-like. There were stairs and twisted corridors everywhere. No matter which you took, it turned and ended up in a different area of the building. I got lost more times than I can count.

The rooms were microscopic…and filled with dead flies. The staff was just as minuscule consisting only of about 4 people. They did everything from cooking to welcoming us to telling us the rules of the place. No outside shoes. Everyone had to go around in slippers.


The food was great…except for the coffee cups. They were the size of thimbles andย I just about had it. In an act of unparalleled rebellion, I seized one of their cereal bowls and used it for coffee. People stared…but I couldn’t have cared less. In the mornings, I need coffee.


We did a lot of ‘circles’ where we sat and listened to our ‘leaders’ tell us how to work better. I tried to be a good listener and appreciate what they were saying but it was hard and, with each passing hour, it got harder. By the second day, I wasn’t the only one dissociating. I counted 7 heads nodding while the last speaker rambled on.

The group leader only had to say that it was time to go before I was gone. I was the first out of the building and the first car out of the lot. I came home relishing loud music on the radio, shouting it out as I drove.


My doggies were thrilled to see me andย my hubby even had flowers waiting.

dog-puppy-labrador-retriever-flowers-rosesIt’s so nice to be home!

What have I missed? What are you guys up to?


15 thoughts on “It’s so good to be home!

  1. Well, you survived. Although I would have hated the group circles (I would have gnawed my own leg off to escape) I would have loved being in the middle of nowhere. My perfect day is sitting on the top of a mountain away from all humanity and their associated noise. On the other hand… They made you wear their slippers?

    • I’m laughing over your answer…so funny (the gnawed leg bit) but they didn’t make us wear their slippers, we had to bring our own. But the circles were endless. For hours at t a time. Thanks so much for that comment, it makes me feel better to know I’m not alone!

  2. Sounds like an… interesting time ๐Ÿ˜€ That thing about the cereal bowl had me chuckling, that’s exactly the type of thing I could do. Nothing stands between a woman and her morning caffeine!

  3. How lovely that you had flowers waiting for you at home. It’s great to come back to our family when we’ve been away. I enjoyed the tale of your eventful work ‘retreat’. I was looking forward to reading it, so I apologise that I’m so behind at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

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