A tiny announcement

A teeny, tiny announcement: I won’t be around much this Tuesday night or Wednesday. 😦

My Day Job has come up with work-like retreat for us hard working folk where they can tell us how to do our job not just all day but overnight as well. When no one volunteered to go, they demanded someone and finally threatened that they’d choose. Thinking it couldn’t be that bad, I volunteered to go. After work today, I’ll rush home, pack, reassure my pooches that I’m coming back and go to the ‘retreat’ where I’ll stay until Wednesday.

In my innocence, I thought they’d put us up in a hotel.

Then I saw the website. This is no hotel.

I started hoping that at least they’d have Wi-Fi.

Then I saw the picture of the rooms and I settled for them having a TV or a phone.

Nope to all of the above. No Wi-Fi, no TV’s, no Phones and certainly no room service.

What they do have are plastic covers over the mattresses. And moth balls. And there are plenty of trees in this remote location but no reception for cell phones.

I promise more details on my return. I’ll be watching the locals and taking notes. No strange behaviour will go undocumented.

Leaving on a more positive note, I found this beautiful little rose in a plant in our yard and took a picture. You’ll have to take my word for it that it was beautiful because the photograph doesn’t do it justice (I took it). I sat there freezing for over half an hour with dogs licking my face waiting for the flower to stop moving…and this is what I got as a result.



All blurry. Honestly. How do Gene’O or That Montreal Girl do it?

14 thoughts on “A tiny announcement

    • Aww! You’re so kind! Thank you so much! I’ll have to pick your brain as to how to set up posts to go when I’m not around because I don’t know how to do it. Thanks again though for the lovely comments!

  1. Adult Camp. I can’t wait to hear about you experience. Try to make the best of it – if you have a good attitude it might be really cool. Bring a lot of paper and pencils…

  2. I was going to say take a caseload of notebooks, but the laptop works too! Think of it as an adventure – we’ll miss not having you around, but imagine all the tales you’ll be able to tell when you get back…humerous tales to make us all laugh (with you) 🙂 Have a productive time!

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