Service dogs

Service dogs are true heroes. They take care of those most vulnerable, from the elderly, to those living with a handicap, to those who have allergies. They can save people from fires, pull them in wheelchairs and serve our country.


There are some rules around meeting them.

* Speak to the person, not the dog.

* Don’t feed or touch the dog.

That way the doggies can continue to do their very important job!


Dogs are truly awesome.

8 thoughts on “Service dogs

  1. I can relate to this, and of course I agree 🙂 In my role as sign language interpreter, I come across many Hearing Dogs for Deaf people, or Guide Dogs for the Blind. I know one of the most frustrating things form a deaf persons’ point of view is when a person talks to their dog instead of them, or take their mind off the job by fussing/feeding them inappropriately. Of course, it also works with interpreters too – people tend to look at the ‘aid to communication’. Though it has to be said, nobody has fussed or felt the need to feed me…so far 🙂

    • LOL! It’s hard for those who don’t know how to act around the service dog. Some think it’s important to acknowledge the dog or even pet them. They don’t know that actually stops the dog from working. I included those points because I don’t think it’s common knowledge.

      • I agree with you. I don’t think it is 🙂 One gentlemen, who sadly passed away last year, would always announce to new comers, that his dogs were working, but that they loved attention during their ‘down-time’. During a break, or after a session he would allow people to fuss to their hearts content. He was smart that way 🙂

  2. Your advice regarding service dogs is perfect. At the community college where I work we have quite a few students with canine companions. If I just can’t resist the beautiful creatures, I ask if I can touch the dog. Some people want to share dog love, others don’t. It’s all good.
    I’ll share the conversation I had with an officer from a local K-9 unit. I asked why they use dogs, aside from the obvious – dogs are fast, they bite, and most people will stop if they see a dog running at them.
    “Just remember,” he said, “you can always call back a dog, but you can’t call back a bullet.”

    • I love that comment. I also spoke to a police officer and he said that people aren’t afraid of the police but they’re scared of the dogs. And he said it makes a huge difference in law enforcement. I love it when they bring out those dogs. Mine do absolutely nothing to earn their keep, but working dogs do everything and then some. I think they’re awesome!

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