10 things you should know before you get a dog

10. Dog size doesn’t matter, they will rule the home. One look at those sad eyes and you’ll be toast.


9. There are many types of aides to stop a dog from pulling when they walk on a leash. Unless you get a stuffed dog, you’ll get to know them all. By name.


8. Fences are not fail-proof. Dogs can dig or climb their way out of that safe environment you’ve carefully created for them. Mine climbed their 5-foot fence like a possessed squirrel on steroids.


7. If you don’t have a vet…you will. We know ours by first name.


6. Guard dogs will ‘protect’ you from intruders… and from the post delivery person and from an elderly lady who’s walking by on her walker and from a snowflake and…


5. Dogs snore. They also burp and do other things that are disturbingly human. This is particularly true if you have company.


4. Not all dogs chew shoes. Ours love plants. Especially those accessible on the ground. Don’t get me started on Christmas trees–Lobo peed on ours.


3. Dog drool is an incredible substance. Wet, it has the lubricating power of grease. Dry, it will adhere to any surface better than Crazy Glue. And yes, it can and will go on walls. When we owned bullmastifs, we saw some on the ceiling.


2. Keeping a dog clean is an exercise in futility. Aim for semi-clean and embrace acceptance.


1. Doesn’t matter what type of amazing, holistic, nutritious dog food you give your dog, they’ll want what you’re eating.

choose puppy dog training 4

For all the trouble they cause, there’s nothing that will bring on a smile quicker than one look at those loving brown eyes.


26 thoughts on “10 things you should know before you get a dog

  1. Great. I don’t normally write such a bland comment but every single point is true. So what else to say? The eyes have it? Snowy’s are green actually, but Pippa’s are big and amber with delicate white lashes. Wait, you forgot to say how we all witter about our dogs.

  2. Can relate to all of this. In particularly, my little doggy at Christmas, instead of drinking water from her bowl, drank the water from the bucket under the tree. She also drinks water off the plants, off the door when it has rained and out of muddy puddles if given the chance.

  3. So true! LOL Dog drool gets on everything and can be difficult to remove. I go through copious amounts of windex to remove the nose marks on the patio doors as well and we have table top Christmas trees. All worth it though. ♥

  4. Up to about a year ago I considered myself to be exclusively a cat person. Then we got out LabXStaffie (we call her a Labrostaff), Shadow. She is big, clumsy, messy, stinky and hyper to name but a few, but I love her to bits and can’t imagine a time without her.

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      • We put a proper dog coat on the collie the other day (seeing as the weather is getting much colder and wetter) and I have never seen him look so betrayed as when we strapped him in to the lovely, fleece-lined doggie coat we bought him. He even refused to walk when we took him out in it…. 🙂

      • Dogs are so funny. Mine hate it when I dry them with clean towels after they’re caught in the rain. I try to explain that I’m cleaning and drying them but they give me this look of betrayal. As if they’re thinking: why are you doing this to me?

      • Exactly! The dog looked at us as if to say, ‘How could you be so cruel?’

        I don’t think he quite understood that we were doing it for his benefit! 🙂

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