Top 10 signs you’re a dog person

10. You spell words like ‘car’ and ‘walk’ even around humans.


9. Your dog eats better than you do.

8. At Christmas, your dog gets presents. Gift wrapped.


7. You have an extra bowl of water on the second floor in case your puppy gets thirsty at night.

6. You have a plastic kiddie pool and baby gates, but no kids.


5. You don’t eat all your steak, so your dog can have a taste.


4. Your pockets are full of empty plastic bags.


3. Your alarm clock is a wet nose and doggie breath.tumblr_l2iov8YPYD1qankfgo1_500

2. If your dog doesn’t like someone, you don’t either.



1. You can handle a person dying in a movie, but if they hurt the dog, you’re done.




P.S. It’s also a very bad sign if your holiday cards are signed from you and your pooch.

32 thoughts on “Top 10 signs you’re a dog person

  1. I love dogs also, but we have cats who pretty much do the same things, particularly our cats. They are Maine Coons, which are often referred to as ‘baby lions’ and they exhibit lion like traits. They play fetch like a dog and are sometimes bigger than some dogs.

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  4. I have done all ten of these things at one point or another. Also, last Christmas, the dogs had exactly the same dinner as we did…..

    No, we didn’t eat dog food! They had roast lamb, potatoes, veg, gravy – the lot. 😦

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