A little bit of magic

We live in the country. It’s truly beautiful. But it’s full of bugs.

There are insects here that defy comprehension. One was so large it looked prehistoric, like it had managed to skip evolution altogether to come to our living room. Another appeared inside our washing machine. After my discovery-shriek had stopped shaking the rafters, I wondered how on earth it had managed to get in there. Others come by the hundreds.

You’d think we would leave but it’s peaceful in the country, the dogs love it and finally, some times, we get this…



She was outside my bedroom window this very morning.

10 thoughts on “A little bit of magic

  1. Is that a heron? We have a heron that drops by twice a year on its migration. It’s a beautiful bird but as soon as we see it on the rooftop we rush outside and put a protective net over the fish pond otherwise we wouldn’t have any fish left.

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