A little promo

I just finished reading a superb book by Melissa Barker-Simpson, Hands of Evil. If you’re a fan of Lisa Jackson or have liked Linda Howard’s mystery books, you’ll love this one.

Even better, there’s going to be a Hands of Evil Blog tour with giveaways, character interviews, author interviews and so much more. Check out all the details here. And for even more of Melissa Barker-Simpson’s books, check out her site here.

Personally, I’ll post my thoughts on the book Hands of Evil this Friday and remind you of my little blurb about it last Monday.


13 thoughts on “A little promo

  1. Thanks, Taylor. Your support means the world. It overwhelms me sometimes, the encouragement I get from the community. It’s like being in a family who truly understand and accept me. I have a tendency to gush, we writers can be such emotional creatures, but I genuinely appreciate the support. I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. I’m still riding the high from your review!

  2. Taylor Grace, I saw Linda Howard’s name and immediately felt like this would be a book I’d enjoy. Thanks for using comparison authors in your description. 🙂 Very helpful. But ugh, now I must add it to my already too long TBR list.

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