For romance readers

I want to recommend the site All About Romance to you. It’s a huge site and it does mostly reviews but that’s not all it does. It has some really great features.

First, the obvious one. If you’re looking for a book, odds are it’s in All About Romance’s review archives. It’s moving slowly but surely into the indie market and has some reviews for books that are ebooks, so that’s an area of growth for the site. But if the book is in print, odds are, it’ll have it. Here’s the search engine.

AAR is also open to reviews. Under the reviews button, you can go to ‘Want your book reviewed’.

AAR reviews two books a day, every day except Sundays. So it’s a great way to hear what is happening to your favourite authors and their books. If you’re wondering how Nora Roberts is doing with her new series or J.R. Ward, this is a great place to come.

Under reviews, it has a section for upcoming reviews. So, you can see what books are going to be reviewed and consider buying them or not. It also has a section called Desert Island Keepers for those books that were outstanding. If you’re looking for a sure thing, that’s a great place to go. Look under the search for the ‘DIK Searches’.

Under the Features button, you’ll find the links. Those are links to the authors they’ve reviewed, to publishers and even other review sites.

It’s also a blog, so the reviewers speak out and have not only interesting posts but very enlightening ones. Here‘s their take on the series Outlander.

It’s easy to navigate and–best of all–only reviews romance. Only. Isn’t that absolutely the best? 😀

Final tid bit. The site is Easy!


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