Just keep writing…Keep writing…

I want to write, I do, but there are days when I don’t. I have a lot of excuses (We’re selling our house, the dogs (both) are shedding their coats and we have a fruit fly infestation) but the truth is I have trouble getting down to it.

I found these post particularly helpful to get my butt into the chair.

Claire Cook recommends breaking it down. She says she writes two pages a day. Just two but she does that come rain or shine and it keeps the story moving forward.

Annabel Candy wrote this one on her favourite motivation tips. Only six and they’re awesome.

This one is 31 ways to find Inspiration for your writing by Leo Babauta.

But since I’m writing this post, it’s pretty obvious that I’m not working on my WIP. Nuts.

What about you? Do you have favourite ways to make sure you keep writing?

21 thoughts on “Just keep writing…Keep writing…

  1. I tend to set small writing goals for a given day, so they are doable, and if I do more, awesome, if not, it’s okay. It can be as small as 1K or even 500 words a day, but over the past year, it has helped me a lot. Of course, there are days when I write much more, but going bit by bit and working on a single writing project at once helps a lot (not including blogging of course). Good luck with your writing!

  2. I’m the queen of procrastination, so avoiding…oh yes. I do that very well! I often tie myself in knots, so I deserve it really. I have too many projects on the go at once and when I force myself to choose, to stick to a plan, my mind balks. Right now, for example I’m editing a novel that is due out in November but have the bare bones of another calling to me. Because I decided not to touch it until the first is finished I find myself stalling and sitting in front of a stream of text with no desire to move on. So, instead of breaking the promise to myself I usually write something else instead! Something short preferably.

    But I’m rambling, I should have gone with Natacha or Winter’s response because those work too!

  3. I always make a schedule with a low bar to it, then try to exceed it. Whether it’s writing or editing, I will have a specific daily metric (with designated off days, typically Saturday for me) and I will hold to it. For example:
    – Darkness Concealed Part 3: 3k words edited/day
    – Editing Olivia’s Choice: 7 pages edited/day
    – Darkness Concealed Parts 2 and 4: 2k words edited/day [I was busier]
    – Editing Starling: 15 pages edited/day

    Clear requirements, clear roadmap, and a really awesome feeling when I exceed the goal. It means I finish early, not that I get to take extra days off.

  4. I try to get about 30 minutes in each day and I have found that it builds up pretty quickly. Since the beginning of the year, I think I have maybe missed ten days in total and have written around 260,000 words for the year so far.

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