On the importance of my inner child

I’ve done nothing all day. I didn’t go to the gym, I didn’t do any work, I didn’t even write. I just sat on my couch and watched episode after episode of CSI and Modern Family. I think my brain has shrunk about five inches but it was delicious.

My husband, the therapist, was confused until I told him I was ‘self-caring’ and ‘feeding my inner child’. Therapists consider everyone’s inner child sacrosanct and there’s nothing more important to them than self-care.

As soon as I said those words, his eyes widened and he rushed to prepare dinner–just in case my inner child was hungry. I did feel a little guilty when I saw him folding laundry but I got over it. I’m going to go read now.

Caring for my inner child is so important. 😀



8 thoughts on “On the importance of my inner child

  1. I love your humour – it shines in Olivia’s Choice and in your writing in general. I love too that you embraced the need to rest and didn’t beat yourself with a stick about it! At the weekend, after reading Mishka’s latest book, I had a ‘To Do’ List a mile long, which included an edit of my latest novel; household chores; bills…you get the drift. I sat for almost twelve hours, watching episode after episode of Suits (I was only just introduced to the show). The only disappointing thing is I couldn’t fully enjoy it because I was too busy feeling guilty about it (during the ad breaks, obviously).

    My inner child is feeling sulky because I can’t seem to give her a break!

  2. I tried this…West said that my inner child was 30 years old when I was 12. So I went back to clearing out the extra room, folding clothes, but I did make a wizard wand with Bella if that counts. She made a book of spells.

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