Publishing in a brave new world

So you have a manuscript and you want to publish it. Today, you may have more choices than ever before. You can publish it by the traditional route of getting an agent and getting a publishing contract or you can go the independent route. Like all really tough decisions, there are pros and cons to both venues. Since I’m so new to the entire process, I have a few posts that discuss them for us written by the pros.

* Claire Cook wrote this one on Jane Friedman’s blog. She used to be a traditionally published author…until bad things happened. She has a candid view on what can go wrong and what to look out for. I was stunned.

* The Passive Voice is a great site because it deals with the legal aspect of publishing for both indie and traditional authors. Check out this post on the pros and cons of both, Two Different Worlds or this one on indie authors making a living self-publishing.

* In this one, Nathan Bransford argues that there is no right way, there’s only your way and discusses pros and cons of each.

* In this one from , two authors discuss the pros and cons of each path to publishing bliss.

One final note, there are some traditionally published authors who are suddenly self-publishing their books. Something else to keep in mind when making that decision.

Maya Banks is self-publishing her Tangled Hearts trilogy.

Nalini Singh is coming out with a surprise ebook: Rock Addiction that’s a contemporary romance (completely new genre for her) in September.

The publishing industry is changing rapidly and so are the pros and cons of publishing. This brings us back to you. What do you think? Which way is better for you?

Note: Apparently, that was the printing press back in the day!

13 thoughts on “Publishing in a brave new world

  1. I want a mixed bag. Small press & self pubbed works myself. I like the idea of getting experience from several sides.

  2. First – I keep missing your posts, so I apologise if I’m behind. My reader is often so full that I don’t get even half-way down it and the evening has gone! I use the email service for my favourite blogs – do you have a subscribe by email option?

    Anyway…I tend to agree with Nathan – there is no right way. I suppose it’s a case of, whatever works. When we have a story to tell, and we’d like to share that story with others, we have to find a system we can cope with. I personally like self-publishing because I get to make the decisions and I don’t have anyone telling me what to do! It’s a choice I made with my ‘day-job’ too. Being freelance means I have a lot of freedom. It’s hard in a lot of ways, but also fulfilling. I suppose I could go a more traditional route, now that I’m learning discipline and working to deadlines 🙂 Mishka Jenkins has been a huge source of inspiration when it comes to planning and setting goals – she’s definitely rubbing off on me!

    Great post, with lots of useful resources.

    • The easiest way to get my posts by email is for you (because you’re in wordpress) to go to your wordpress reader and click on ‘EDIT’ at the side under ‘Blogs I follow’. The blogs will appear, each with a little blue EDIT word under the name. Click on that and it’ll give you the option of getting posts by mail and comments by mail. If you get sick of my posts, you can go back and undo this option the same way.
      Thanks so much for the lovely message and, yes, Mishka is absolutely inspiring. I was really impressed with the fact that your first book is available in both print and ebook! (though I couldn’t’ get it as an ebook under I’m going to get Evil Hands…I’m very excited about it–and a little scared about that killer already!

      • Thanks so much, first for the advice about how to change my settings. That’s extremely useful and I’ll do that right now!

        Also, thank you for the interest in my book. If you wait until the last week in August I’m doing a free promotion so you can get it for your Kindle for free 🙂

        I’m getting used to my Kindle, but I do still prefer to feel paper in my hands, so that’s why I went for both. Sorry to hear you can’t order a paper copy from Not sure what that’s about, but at least there are other options. I do hope you enjoy it. I love my team. I’m already itching to spend time with them again, but I have something else on the go at the moment!

        Thanks again, I’m glad I won’t miss any more posts 🙂

      • Hm…long time until the end of August…About amazon, I can order the paper copy, but I can’t get the ebook. I’m going to try today and see if I have better luck. It looked so good (the book)! I read that excerpt and I was hooked!
        Something else on the go sounds exciting too! I’ll keep an eye on your blog to see what’s coming!

      • That’s strange. When did you try? I had to set up the promotional offer on Kindle Direct and it was processing for a few days, which may have affected the service. Let me know if you still have a problem and I’ll investigate 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the excerpt. That’s lovely feedback. My new project is different for me because it’s Science Fiction; a story about alternative realities. I’m going to release it in November, so at some point near then I’ll update my blog 🙂 Thanks again for your support. I really appreciate it.

  3. Thanks so much for all the information and links. I don’t know what I’m doing but i deal well with ambiguity. Overloaded with mail about “write your book in 40 hours,” etc, but am a much more deliberate person than that. Still, in my imagination I come upon an idea for a quick e-book that I could practice with – maybe about parenting difficult children, who knows. Anyway, appreciate the links and the hand-up, and thanks for following my blog.

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