Review: Then Came You

Emily is doing her interning Sunshine, Idaho. She’s an LA girl and counting down the days until she can leave the little town and get back to the big city. She’s determined, spirited and has an easy sense of humour that helps her laugh at her own mistakes. Those qualities help her, but they’re not enough to get over the issue Sunshine presents for her: her boss Wyatt.

Wyatt and Emily already met, as in, really met. They shared one smoking night and as luck would have it, he’s her new boss. When they realize they’re going to be working together for a year, they try to keep things professional. And fail badly.

Wyatt is handsome and kind. He loves animals and helps out his two quirky sisters.

Like the previous books, this one is filled with funny, delightful animals that are as realistic as they are humorous. In particular, I have a soft spot for Peanut the parrot. He’s hilarious. But the human characters are just as funny and interesting.

Then Came You is the perfect summer read. A love story that will make you smile filled with characters you want to know.



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