Ignore this post

(It’s on soccer and not on writing or books or anything completely related to literature. You really shouldn’t read this.)

This World Cup seems to be memorable for being completely unexpected.

Spain died. The undefeated Champs since 2008 were literally beaten before they got on the field. It was sad and unbelievable.


Brazil simply disappeared. It was either that or they were abducted by aliens, because what happened on that match against Germany? I think at one point the Germans stopped scoring goals simply to conserve energy. Brazilian fans were in tears.


The Uruguayan player Luis Suarez bit another player. I mean he leaned forward, opened his mouth and bit the shoulder of the other guy.


This has set off an entire wave of jokes on Social Media. Here’s one of my favourites from the fantastic post below.

1488131_683639355056884_3717528231355319686_nCheck out the entire post by  and have a laugh.

Just think, tomorrow is the final game. Who knows what will happen?


7 thoughts on “Ignore this post

  1. I haven’t been keeping up with the World Cup…but sheesh biting?!

    btw, I think this fits perfectly into your blog. It shows that you’re a well rounded person. 🙂

  2. Loools…Taylor, this is a superb World Cup post. You’re right, this has been a very very strange World Cup over there in Brazil, and thanks for linking to my article 🙂


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