Eagerly waiting for…

There are a few books I’m desperately anticipating for the summer.

Mary Balogh’s The Escape is coming…I can’t say enough good things about Mary Balogh except she’s on my automatic-buy list for very, very good reason. If you like historical romance, she’s amazing.



(Note: click on the cover to go to the author’s website.)

Jill Shalvis’ Then Came You is also coming out this summer. It involves two things I love, romance and puppies. Absolutely the best! Can’t wait.



(note: click on image to go to author’s site)

Now these are only two I’m really looking forward to. There are tons of books coming out. Check out this post by All About Romance with their list of upcoming books.

Do you have any books you’re excited about? Any you’re looking forward to for the summer? Share them with me! I’m always looking for new books–especially if they’re romance! 😀

What do you think?

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