Romance and sex: writer’s responsibilities?

I read S.K. Nichollsexcellent post on this subject and it got me thinking. What do I think about sex in romance? Should the author have a responsibility towards the reader and guide their moral compass?

Personally, for me, the task of guiding someone else’s moral compass is way out of my field of expertise. I have enough trouble keeping my own morals and finding the right choices in my own life, let alone guide others. So, I’d like to keep writing clear of morality–again, just for me.

I do write romance and that means a love story. My books are meant for adults, not children. I hope that’s the audience they find their way to (ahem…right now the ‘audience’ is very limited in number…and I only have one book out, but you get the point).

But I do think that, for me, if there’s sex in romance, it should add something to the story. It shouldn’t be there just because nothing else was going on in the last 100 pages. It shouldn’t be there gratuitously.

I’ll add that most books I love fall under that category. Romance isn’t just about sex. It’s a love story, hopefully, a beautiful love story.


8 thoughts on “Romance and sex: writer’s responsibilities?

  1. You make a good point. I think romance has had a bit of an odd shift at times, and sex has been the selling point when I sometimes prefer it to be the romance. It’s all personal opinion of course! 😀 But I agree, that if there are sex scenes they definitely need to add something to a story and characters, not just thrown in to help sell a book.

  2. Writers can present the situation and the readers own experience will decide the morality of it. I do not believe in censorship as people are free to read whatever they like. I agree with you on not wanting to guide someone else through the murky waters of morality

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