I loved Mishka Jenkins‘ post this week on Marketing because I could relate so well to what she said. I too don’t like to market my book. In fact, I have to admit I haven’t actually done any real marketing for my book–except for the posts on this blog.

I know for independent writers it’s a necessity but… I still don’t like it. It feels like shameless self-promotion. Mishka puts it so well.

“… I don’t like shoving myself in people’s faces shouting, ‘Buy my books they’re awesome!’ 😀 And no matter how inventively I try to do my marketing, it always feels like that’s what I’m doing.”

That’s it. Exactly.

Infinitefreetime just published his first book. He promoted it using his unique brand of humour. His plugs came across as funny and endearing. I know if I tried that approach, I’d come across as icky and strange. Anything but funny.

Mishka is a pretty smart lady. I bet she’ll come up with her own unique way. In the interim, I should probably figure out a way to start doing some promos. Or at least think about the entire thing in a more positive light. Maybe I should look at it as another aspect of the job of being an author.

Any tips? Got any ideas on marketing that don’t make the author sound icky?


12 thoughts on “Marketing…

  1. I don’t think there is a way to avoid that whole “in your face” thing. It’s a hurdle we have to get past. I hate it too. I joined the Rave Reviews Book Club, and have high hopes that it will help. It already has, in a minor way.

  2. I’m shameless. I plan on hiring a plane to fly back and forth over the city towing a banner w/ a picture of a naked male torso 😉 Flyers at strip clubs for the ladies. Blanket the bars during ladies’ nights. Post cards on cars in the shopping mall parking lots. Pin up “have you read this book” type of posters around the neighborhood. Can’t afford a male escort? Get the next best thing…my book. Leave stacks of advertisements in libraries, and coffee shops (that’s where knitters tend to meet). Get a magnet printed w/ an image of my book cover and slap it on my jeep.

    You just have to get creative 😉 I think there is a cheap billboard down the interstate for rent. I work for a very large company…wonder if I can sneak it in a memo?

  3. I do wish I was an extrovert, with no worries about putting myself out there and selling my work 😀 It would be much easier to be of that mind-set I think, and I admire those who go about marketing with such an approach 🙂

  4. I just try to be funny about it, almost in a corny way, because who *doesn’t* realize that plugging your own work isn’t a burden, you know?

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