River, the writer’s aid

While we adopted both our doggies, River is the latest addition. He had separation anxiety and didn’t like to be away from people so leaving him alone in a different room while I wrote was out. Instead, I encouraged him to lay with me while I worked on my laptop so he’d have a safe, quiet place to be.

Now, months later, River seems to have developed a bit of an attachment. This dog will follow me everywhere. And I mean everywhere. If I’m sitting and get up to add coffee to my mug, he follows. If I go to bed, he’s next to me, if I sit to write, he’s at my side. When I go to bed, he has to be there with me.

The result is that I have a rather large, hairy dog over my foot as I type this. River is under my desk, lying on my feet, sleeping away. If I get up for any reason, he’ll be right next to me.

When I first noticed this trend, I worried about how it would all work out. With cables, plugs and delicate parts, computers aren’t exactly dog-friendly and my Mac is precious to me. The last thing I want is a dog to break it, or harm it in any way.

But River doesn’t want to touch the computer any more than I want him to. He just wants to be near me…and if a human hand should happen to stray away from the keyboard and pet him, all the better.

At the same time, having him near me is incredibly soothing. When I’m upset or something isn’t working right, I grab on to that massive, hairy neck and bury my face in his fur. Then I breathe in and let it all out.

River can take it. He’s a great writer’s aid.


Please note: That’s not River. He’s much hairier. And doesn’t need glasses.

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