Posts I loved this week

This week was a real roller coaster. I found some great posts some with sad news and some with incredibly happy news. Here’s my round up of awesome posts!

So, so important to never forget or take for granted those who’ve fought for our rights, our freedom and our incredible home. Here’s an amazing video from Sourcerer and an incredible photograph from one of my favourite photographers, Gene’O.

On that very important topic, Part Time Monster found this book and quote.

A very, very cute post about an adorable cat who walks…on a leash. Loved it!

The Writing Catalog did a great reblog of this great post on passing on the culture of reading to the next generation. Both well written and researched, its really worth the read on Katey Writes.

Having trouble writing? Here are 8 tools that will help out. A note of caution. These are no nonsense tools. One cuts out all social media for you…so you can focus on your writing. If you need the motivation, they’ll get you there! A big thank you to Live Write Thrive for the great post!

If you’re trying to add something to your blog, why not check out this post on plugins by Patrick Haggerty at Romance University. Great post with easy steps and even explanations for those of us (ahem!) who didn’t know what a plug in was! 🙂

I absolutely love Wordless Wednesdays. The photographs are unparalleled and I look forward to them each week. Here are this week’s beautiful selections one from Sourcerer and one from Part Time Monster.

We lost Maya Angelou this week. Here are two awesome blogs, honouring this very talented lady: Part Time Monster and Infinitefreetime.

A big congrats to Frances who got her Ph.D this week. That’s one gargantuan accomplishment!

On that happy note, a big congrats to Mishka Jenkins for releasing not one, not two but three books! That’s incredible!

A little shoutout to someone who supports every new author or not-so-new author out there, Winter Bayne. Want proof? This post or this one and that’s just in one week!

Finally, here is a great post on June releases! Love having books to look forward to. A great big thank you to The Book Chick for that awesome post!

20 thoughts on “Posts I loved this week

  1. A) my cat walks on a leash. She also loves water, swims, takes showers (not when I want her to though), and plays fetch.
    B) If I ever get together enough to offer a newsletter, I plan on using the jetpack plug in.
    C) Maya rocks and what an inspiration she is to me.
    D) I enjoy spreading word on potential good reads. So, I’ll announce books if I know enough ahead of time and if I ever get around to finishing them…I’ll even review them.
    E) expect more book release news in June! Got a few already scheduled on the blog. I’m excited!
    I’ll stop there before I go through the alphabet.

  2. I loved so many of these posts – thanks for finding the well-worth-it week after week! Thanks also for your kind words about my post on rebuilding a culture of readers. I’m finding that the more I learn about the state of literacy, the more passionate I become about teaching the next generation to embrace reading! I really appreciate the help from you, Gene’O, Diana and others who have mentioned, tweeted, reblogged and more to keep the discussion going!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Thank you so much, Taylor, for the lovely ping back about my cat Sasha. I wish she did walk on a leash. What she does is wear a harness-and-leash with me attached to the other end. Then she walks me on her leash. However, she IS adorable. If she knew about your ping back she would miaow at least twice. Maybe lick your hand, too. 😀

  4. Thanks for all those links! The Wordless Wednesdays seem to be a hit, so I’ll keep that up, and I’m adding a couple of weekend photo features to my blogs, too.

  5. Thanks, also, for reminding me that I had a Maya Angelou post for the Writing Catalog that was sitting in my queue. It’s embarrassingly late, but still. It had to go.

  6. Thanks for those links! We’re having a gleefully lazy Saturday, here, so I’m going to check out some of those writing and blogging posts.

    I’m so glad you do this round-up as a Saturday feature. 🙂

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