How Sandra Brown terrified me

I started ‘Hello, Darkness’ by Sandra Brown because I hadn’t read her books in a while and this particular story sounded really easy to get into. A nice lady, Paris is a bit of a loner and works as a night-time radio host. She gets into a bit of a fix with a caller who identifies himself as ‘Valentino’ and has to enlist the help of a police psychologist–the man she had hoped never to meet again. Nice, right? I thought so.

I got into the book all right; in fact, I couldn’t put the thing down. Now, usually that’s not an issue but, this time, the villain was a serial killer. Worse, he was a psychopath who not only kidnapped and raped his victims, he also killed them in horrible ways.

Now, you may not know this but I’m a bit of a chicken and a worry-wart. When I read a book, I can’t handle the characters suffering. I cry, bawl and basically suffer right along with them. Endearing or idiotic, you be the judge. The point is that trait is pretty annoying when you’re reading about a serial killer. I basically bit all my nails and cursed in several languages because that book kept throwing danger at poor Paris until the very end.

I didn’t sleep very well either. Not until I finished the book and convinced myself that no one was coming in my house. My dogs are no help. Those two love every person who walks in the door, strangers included. The only thing that would stop a thief would be allergies.

Now, before you start to worry, Paris does find her happy ending in ‘Hello, darkness’. And the bad guy gets caught. But there’s no denying there are a few tense moments. This book is a certain page-turner.

I would definitely recommend this one. It’s like CSI with a romance thrown in. Fun and quick to read but incredibly addictive.

Just don’t read it at night.



8 thoughts on “How Sandra Brown terrified me

  1. I’ve gotten out of the suspense realm. Doubt I’ll be rushing back to it with my up coming projects. I tend to read along the lines of what I write at the time. Funny post. Books are good when they do that to you. Well, except the not sleeping at night thing.

    I had a Boston and she was worthless with a break in too. Maybe lick or butt wiggle (they don’t have tails) them to death. About it. Akitas LOVE people. Every Sunday mine would bust out of her pen and break into the church during service. At least they came to expect it and didn’t seem to mind too much.

      • Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with bringing your pet to church…Just my own humble opinion. I think mine would be…oh, they’d be terrible. Hm. Might have to change my mind on that. Mine would want to smell and lick everyone. Everyone. Sigh.

      • Well this wasn’t my church. It was across the road. She would nudge open the door and do a meet and greet. Someone would grab her and keep her still every Sunday until the service was over. Then they’d walk her to our house.

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