The perfect man

Is there such a thing as a realistic romance hero?

I have to admit I’ve read a book or two where the hero drove me crazy. He was just…sooo nice. Maybe I’m a sceptic but I think real men have issues and can be nice but can also have days where they’re not so nice–just like us gals. These guys were so nice they’d put Santa Claus out of business.

What’s up with romance and the perfect hero? I read somewhere that the recipe for a good romance was an imperfect heroine and a blemish-free hero. She could have any issues, imperfections or range of personalities but he had to fall madly in love with her at first sight and had to be perfect–with a capital P.

Really? Do women really buy that?

I’m not asking for a wife abuser or a grump. I just wonder if a less-than perfect hero wouldn’t make a wonderful lead in a romance. I wonder, would women not like him because he had his faults? I think we would.

Take Beauty and the Beast. He’s a wonderful catch…if you don’t mind a little hair and we won’t mention the growling or his anger-issues with furniture. Or what about Star Wars? Han Solo made more than one woman’s heart beat a little faster but he didn’t exactly have a clean record.

I say imperfection is what makes our heroes interesting and charming. I’m not suggesting we take Hannibal Lecter as our role model, but we don’t have to have a perfect angel as it either. Perfection is incredibly boring.

(credit:The Silence Of The Lambs Wiki - Wikia)

(credit:The Silence Of The Lambs Wiki – Wikia)

12 thoughts on “The perfect man

  1. I remember reading one day an article about how little girls watching Star Wars were supposed to like Luke more than Han until they reached their teenage years when they suddenly liked Han Solo. I have friends who like Luke more than Han and vice versa. I’ve been a Han Solo fangirl since day one, i.e. when I first saw Star Wars when I was 7 year old!

  2. I’m commenting to say I have a serious crush on Harrison…um okay something relating to the words, not the pretty picture.

    Beast WAS perfect in the end was he not? Handsome, smart, powerful, and rich. She had to accept the imperfections in him to get the perfect prince. It still happened. To me it implies that yes, females can and should change the man. I definitely disagree with that notion.

    So, yes, there’s tons of this out there. The formula is pretty standard. Usually though, the formula is Man is built *perfectly*, but has a minor issue that the chic helps him with at some point. Now, that he has her…he’s absolutely perfect. *insert rolling eyes* I know of one or two that break this standard.

    Not saying I agree/ disagree with the “formula”. My observations only.

  3. I was just thinking about this this morning, isn’t that weird? 😀 I was finding I was liking ‘bad’ characters more than the heroes, and feeling guilty for it. Then I realised it was probably because the bad guys have character, they have flaws. The heroes are perfect- they look nice, they say everything right… they’re the perfect guy!

    Great post 🙂

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