Review: The Pact by Jodi Picoult

I chose to read something else out of my usual comfort zone and chose Jodi Picoult’s ‘The Pact’.

‘The Pact’ was absolutely incredible. I think one of the things I enjoyed the most about it was how realistic the character arcs were. Ms. Picoult has the ability to not only create fleshed-out characters but to describe their growth–when they meet challenging obstacles–and make it believable. Not once did I think: They’d never say that or do that. Instead, I kept turning the pages, hoping to find out what happened to characters who had become endeared and very real to me.

As well, the plot was an absolute page-turner. Every scene left me hanging and wanting more. Woven like a fine rug, the threads of the many stories intertwined beautifully.

Yes, it wasn’t romance, but it was very well written, with incredibly real characters who went through the very worst that could ever happen to them and came out changed. Realistically, they didn’t all get ‘better’ or end up happier. They just changed. I thought the ending was all the greater because of it. I would highly recommend this book. Absolutely gripping.



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