The flowers are coming

We don’t have flowers yet but they’re coming.

It’s unbelievable. The same places that were frozen wastelands a few weeks ago are now green, thriving and full of life. We used to run from our cars into buildings, teeth gritted against the cold. Now, we can actually stand outside and not shiver or see our breath frost in front of us.

A couple of days ago, it was almost hot.

I had to blink away a tear.

The akitas don’t like it. Their beloved snow is gone and there’s only dirt to show for it. They’re expressing their displeasure by digging even more holes in their yard than usual.

But they do like the flock of birds that seem to have chosen our feeder as their primary food source. They spend hours staring at them from our window.

I don’t mind that they’re a little sad over the snow. The other day I inspected the little green leaves that had magically sprouted from the ground and saw this.IMG_0155 IMG_0158IMG_0165IMG_0184 IMG_0198

It’s so beautiful.

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