River’s appointment

This Thursday, we’re getting River fixed.

I’m all anxious about it.

We have a wonderful vet who has known us for years and has met River and declared him ready. He’s really a very talented and caring doctor and I know he’ll do a wonderful job.

I still worry. I have a little voice inside my head who whispers doubts into my heart. He’ll be terrified. He could die…

River was originally going to be a stud dog, so he arrived at our home ‘intact’ (aka: not fixed). Since he’s going to be our pet, getting him fixed was a certainty. It’s good for him and for us.

But there’s that anxious whispering again. He’ll be all alone. He could get really hurt…

Neutering (boy-dog operations) are a lot less risky than spaying (girl-dog operations). The chances he’ll get hurt are minimal. Afterwards, he’ll be healthier and happier.

No matter what that worry-voice says, he really won’t miss them.

13 thoughts on “River’s appointment

  1. Aww, hope everything goes ok for River. I remember when we had Summer spayed last year; I was worried sick, and she was scared (more because she sensed I was than because she had any idea of what all the fuss was about), but of course everything turned out just fine.

    • That actually really helped. I am really worried. I’m sure nothing will happen…It’s just the idea that he’ll be alone and in surgery. I don’t like that. Thanks for sharing about Summer!

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