Why I love having a blog

Here are my top reasons for having a blog:

7. It helps keep me aware of what’s going on in publishing and writing. Nothing like reading other blogs to know what’s going on.

6. It helps me write better. Posts, by definition are all written–especially for me who can’t take a picture to save my life. That means practice. And that means I become a better writer. Yeey!

5. I get to shout out my two cents about anything. There’s something incredibly satisfying about shouting out my input to the world. I read about it on a blog or a post or a newspaper, chew it over and shout out my opinion on my blog.

4. I can connect with other writers or bloggers or readers. They know what this is like. They understand like few can. Their input and support is like a soothing balm that eases many pains.

3. I can help someone out. I’m just starting out as a blogger and a writer so I can’t pass on years of experience but I can warn others away from the mistakes I’ve already made and I can share what has worked for me.

2. I get followers who’ll leave a comment and/or a ‘like’. That positive feedback is amazing. It not only shuts up that nasty inner critic; it gives me an immediate way to judge how well written or how popular a post was.

1. It’s fun. Designing a header, making posts, putting pictures on line, reading other posts, it’s really, really fun.

Now, if you have a blog and are wondering about how to make it better…I can recommend this particular post. Not only is blog is highly recommended, the author runs a course on blogging that’s free. Free is my favourite price. 🙂

If, on the other hand, you don’t have a blog but are considering getting one, here‘s a great article on why writers benefit from one by Carole Jelen that might help you make up your mind.

12 thoughts on “Why I love having a blog

  1. Well now 🙂 I love this list. Especially 4 through 1. As I read through that list, I like each of those lower-numbered items a little better than the last.

    Our blogging philosophies are very similar, and I’m going to look at those links now.

    The inner critic is not a nice person. Best to ignore him until you are far enough along to teach him some manners.

  2. I agree with all of these! I love the immediate feedback you get from hitting the publish button. I almost can’t hold onto a post once I’ve written it because I crave the attention so much :-P. I also love all the wonderful people I’ve met through my blog!

  3. Blogging has been a great experience, meeting so many fellow writers and bloggers and all the support is definitely worth the time.

    Your blog is particularly great, with informative posts with links and advice, as well fun posts 😀

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