Posts I loved this week

Good blogs never let you down. I follow some awesome blogs and they sure deliver. Plus, I discovered a couple of new gems! Check out this week’s awesome posts.

An excellent post on a biggie, Writer’s block. A big thanks to DBCII for the insight and the great post!

Just for a chuckle, check out this post or this one by Infintefreetime. Interesting, short and funny or unpredictable, his posts are something I never miss. I think the variety is part of the appeal but I think there’s some wizard magic in there too–and possibly a unicorn or two. An interesting aside, the author of Infinitefreetime has written a book titled “The Benevolence Archives: Volume One” and is coming soon. If it’s anything like his blog, it’s sure to be an instant hit. Check out more information here.

A feel-good story, this post on the blog Living with Izzy made my day. It’s about an abused doggie who finds her loving home. Check out the great picture of her kissing her new dad. That’s one happy puppy.

Agree or disagree, Victoria Grefer wrote an excellent post on why you shouldn’t edit while you write. I certainly believe I shouldn’t do it while I write…it’s just so tempting!

Craig Lumen wrote a great piece on writing a great protagonist. He used movie examples, so his points are immediately clear and it was fun to read. Just before you think this was a one-time awesome post, here’s another great post by him with more help for creating characters!

Get to know D. Emery Bunn and how he writes. This post has a very insightful look at how he goes from idea to finished product. A big thanks to D. Emery Bunn for the great post!

Steven Pressfield wrote the this one. Important lessons and thoughts to keep in mind when you’re writing. And this post is captivating; it reads like a book you don’t want to put down.

I really like Jamie Lee Wallace. I’m always amazed by how well she writes. Check out this post done around moving. Could she turn that into a great post? She did more than that. The post was inspirational, full of ideas and tips on how to ‘spin’ real life into your book. A big thank you to her for that gem!

A big thanks to Harliqueen who shared this great link on questions to ask a friend who has just read your work. Great link! Many thanks to Harliqueen for sharing it!

Here‘s another reason why Sourcerer is such an amazing blog. Along with other posts on comics and music, they share and give awesome tips. And check out what’s coming up next here. Love that blog!

Oh my goodness, if you want a full out, gut-wrenching laugh, check out this post by Outmanned. I knew I’d laugh just from the title…and I wasn’t disappointed. A big thank you to Outmanned for that gem!

Last, but definitely not least, The Writing Catalog went out of the April A to Z challenge in style. The last post, on Zeugma, was intriguing and fascinating. Personally, I had no idea what zeugma was…but the examples are simply delicious. Loved it. Typical of this blog, the post was insightful and so well written.

18 thoughts on “Posts I loved this week

  1. I’ll happily hand over my link to Emery. Now…to work on my post for Monday. It isn’t as organized as his.

  2. Lots of good stuff here. Those 10 questions Harley found are very handy. I have three questions I ask people who read scenes for me before I invite the full critique.

    1. Did you feel like you were there, in the world of the story, watching the action?
    2. Did you care about the character’s wants/whatever was going on?
    3. Was there any point at which you were confused, or where it seemed to drag?

    If I get satisfactory answers, I listen to everything else they have to say – positive or negative and then file that scene away as viable first draft material. If I don’t get satisfactory answers, I still listen to everything, then ask a lot more questions, and either rewrite the scene, or flag it “not quite done” and move on until I can figure out how to fix it.

    I’ve never produced an entire novel, but I can see why those questions would be useful.

    I also liked the D. Emery Bunn post, and I’m so happy Infinite Free Time is publishing an ebook soon.

    Thank you, as always, for the links and the encouragement. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I’m so glad I could make you laugh 🙂 There may be a sequel coming up as we are currently on vacation and still have the return flight looming on the horizon…

  4. Thank you for sharing my post. Taylor.
    I had fun writing it and am so glad you found it helpful.

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