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Having a blog is a necessity for an author. Not only do you practice writing, you reach potential readers and grow a following. But keeping a blog can also be stressful. That blog can become an entity you have to feed with daily posts.

Victoria Grefer wrote a great post with three great tips on being more efficient blogger. Efficiency is great for me because I keep a blog and I’m always grateful for ideas or ways to improve it.

I have to admit I already used her idea of writing the posts ahead of time. I write my posts on Saturday mornings. I try to write the entire week’s worth of posts. The only one I can’t is the ‘Posts I loved this week’ because that, by necessity, grows each day. Now, that doesn’t mean that, should something interesting happen, I don’t ignore my ‘saved’ posts and write a new one, I do, but I have some in ‘reserve’ should I need them.

What about you? What works for you? Do you go with inspiration or do you prep ahead?



32 thoughts on “Blogging ideas

  1. I’m currently just “winging it” – and struggling to keep up with the A to Z Challenge this month. Not the best approach, as I’ve found out over the course of this month and “having to” post almost every day. Being new to blogging, there are probably many things I still need to learn, and if I participate in the Challenge again next year, I’ll probably write at least some of the posts ahead of time as much as possible. Live and learn, I guess 😀

    • Awesome that you took the challenge. This is my first year to do it. I intended to have it all written by mid-March, but life interfered. I wrote the first week all in one sitting a few days before it started, and I’ve had a couple of three- and four-day stretches where I wrote them all at once. Most of them were written individually the night before, though. I couldn’t have done that with all of them – the writing ahead has kept me in the challenge, but I’ve made a few last-minute changes to my original topic lists, and all of them have turned out better than the original idea.

      I’d love to lay out posts a week in advance, but I wing it a lot.

      • I think it’s smart that you had some posts saved up ahead of time. Like you say, life happens. And then you went back and tweaked one or two words and presto! Ready to publish! I certainly have loved the posts. I followed them every day and they never disappointed. I know it was so much work…I’m one of those who benefited from it! 🙂

    • I’m a fan of prepping. There are times when it’s the only thing that keeps me from not having posts for a week. But, at the same time, if I have a great idea that I just want to post right now, I’ll run with it. Flexibility is how I think of that – finding a mix between stockpiling things for later and pursing whatever idea pops into my head.

  2. So far, I have mostly been winging it. I try to write consistently and often posts about TV reviews of what I currently watch (along with other movie/book/video game ones as they happen). I had one blog series about romantic movies in February that I kind of scheduled. I have scheduled a few posts but it’s not the majority (one example that comes to mind is the Feminist Friday Discussion I hosted a couple weeks ago). I keep a list of things I can blog about, and make sure to include links on a regular basis. As much as I try to blog consistently, I didn’t dare partake in any sort of challenge such as the A to Z yet.

    • I hear you. I didn’t take part in the A to Z. It was so intimidating. Still, I’m enjoying reading the posts from other bloggers so much! I know I have something awesome to look forward to every day. I’m in awe at their hard work!

    • I keep lists, too. Lists in my head, lists on my computer, lists in little notebooks. Lists everywhere. About half of what I do is scheduled at this point, but not scheduled very far in advance. The scheduling is more about posting at good times than being able to leave the blog unattended for several days.

  3. It never fails. I’ll follow one of your links and find a great post. I’ll then realize that I follow that blog but somehow missed that particular post. –

    I typically write something, illustrate it and post it on the same day. Maybe a third of the time I’ll do the bulk of the work the day before. Only occasionally do I plan ahead more than a day or two. Sometimes I’ll get several ideas and write a list out but I’ll still end up actually writing the post the day it’s posted.

    • It’s funny because I follow some blogs but miss great posts just like you say. It’s hard though I look out for them with an eagle eye!
      You’re not alone in writing the posts that same day. I think that’s what works for most people–at least those that are commenting. 🙂

    • I miss things, too. I can name a dozen blogs that I’d love to visit and go through the last three weeks of their archives and just read everything.

      For me, advance work .vs write-and-post depends on what I’m doing. I’ll whip up a music post for Sourcerer in about 30 minutes. And sometimes I write personal stuff and post it without really editing. But most of the time, if it’s more than a couple of paragraphs, it’s written at least a day ahead of time so I can revise before I publish it.

      • I wish I had more time. I have a Dayjob and it eats up most of my week days. I’d love to have time to sit and just surf through the web and check out blogs. There are some amazing blogs out there.

      • I’ve been traveling for almost a week and have had a harder time than usual keeping up with posts.

        It’s ironic – I’ve been spending the last few days working on something I’m going to post on Friday. I tell you I usually write things out the day I post them, and here I am putting several days work into something I’m going to post in a few days.

  4. During my first attempt at blogging, I wrote only when the inspiration struck and unfortunately the day came when I didn’t feel inspired anymore. This time around, I’m blogging about a topic I’m more passionate about AND I’m scheduling posts in advance. When I feel inspired, I sit and write for hour after hour, just letting it all pour out. Then I compile what I’ve written into posts and schedule them out ahead of time. Right now, I’m scheduled through the second week of June. I’m really hoping this will help my readers hear from me more consistently and take the pressure off, which in theory should keep the creative juices flowing a little better. We’ll see how it all works!

  5. For me, the inspiration comes at crazy times – I very rarely sit down and open a new post and go . . . hmmm . . . what do I write? When that does happen, I definitely go with it. I prep ahead as much as possible, though. I’d love to be able to schedule one post per day two weeks at a time, and do extra posts when I feel inspired. That would be awesome.

    The best I usually do, though, is about three days ahead of time.

  6. Also, just reading that post you linked to, I’m a fan of Molly Greene, who’s mentioned in the post.

    I have a few structures that I use, and I agree: lists are your friends. People love lists, and they’re less labor-intensive than other types of posts. It’s one of the best pieces of blogging advice I can think of.

  7. I mostly wing it, but I’m a notorious procrastinator, and I stay pretty busy in general. It’s hard to find a several-hour block of time to write a whole weeks’ worth of posts, and honestly, even when I have that time, I use to do something else. Procrastination.

    I keep a sort-of weekly calendar of what I intend to write about, but I don’t do much writing ahead of time. That really kicked my ass on the A-Z challenge, so if I do that again, I’ll have some stored up.

      • Yes, there’s an authenticity, which wasn’t really a way I thought of describing it but is very true, to winging it. Part of that my depend on whether the blog is handled like a journal or like something less personal. PTM is a mix of personal entries, essays, and contributor entries, so I guess it makes sense that we sometimes do it one way and sometimes another.

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  9. I have a weekly blog post that is scheduled to post every Friday and other than that I write more posts when I have free time and then schedule those to post on the days/weeks that I know I’ll be busy so that I always have a fairly regular posting frequency.

    Saying that, sometimes inspiration strikes and I post something off the cuff and out of the blue! 🙂

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