Writing Part-time

I have a DayJob. Which means I write when I can. I squeeze it in when there’s time. I hope that the muse is inspired then, that there are no doggie emergencies or phone calls so I don’t have to run away halfway through.

That’s why I found this post by Ali Luke so helpful. How to make the most out of my writing time. 17 ideas. Awesome.

Number 8 works for me. If I leave home and go to a favourite coffee shop, there are no doggies to walk, no phones, no undone laundry. I can just write and I focus.

Number 15 was another issue. I’ve learned that I need to write first and do the Media/blog thing last. Otherwise, I won’t do write. My blog can be a monster that sucks away my time. I start reading other posts, checking in what others are doing, looking at other blogs and, before I know it, hours have passed and I have to get away from the computer. No writing has happened.

Number 16 is another really good one. I like to edit my work and that scene that’s flat and empty and numbing all at once can bounce around in my head while I do something else. Believe it or not the back of my mind is looking at it while I do something else. If I’m patient, my subconscious will keep looking until it comes up with a great idea for the setting, a comeback, a great way to present a character or a twist that will bring that piece of the book to life.

What about you? Do any of these work for you?

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