Useful links for bloggers and writers

I thought these were too good to pass up and keep under wraps.

Check out this post by Molly Greene on How to use Twitter to grow your blog. Isn’t it awesome? I’m still struggling to understand how to work Twitter without somehow sending an insult instead of a happy face, let alone use it to grow my blog, but she’s a pro.

This one is for writers a how-to in developing your plot and filling out your characters by Vanessa Knight. Personally, I loved the pictures. But the content is the real gem–don’t listen to me, I’ve had too much coffee.

Some grammar advice from a pro, this post is pretty important for those authors out there. Turns out, adverbs are pretty tricky and D. Emmery Bunn knows just how to tame those little suckers into behaving.

One for those of you sick of getting writing advice and ready to throw the laptop across the room because those words just won’t behave. Writing isn’t easy. Nope, it’s frustrating. That’s what it is. Don’t take my word for it, Carlos Cooper says it much better on his post.

Some very insightful tips for writers from a pro. Robin LaFevers delivers in this amazing post.

And finally, change those passwords. Here is the reason and the sites affected: The heart bleed bug.

12 thoughts on “Useful links for bloggers and writers

  1. I’ve still got six posts up from yesterday I wanted to read and use, now you’ve added to that list. Except Emory, I already read his. He’s a go to blogger for me. I better read quick.

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