Great posts

Just read two posts that are riveting. Amazingly written and just too good to pass. They’re both from I Am Not The Batman.

The first is a discussion on what Ariel would look like–realistically. What a hoot! If we were to follow legend, Ariel would look more like a turtle-like monster than the Disney version we’ve seen. I loved this post because, to me, Ariel always seemed unrealistically Barbie-like and I feared what that would do to the self-image of the little girls watching. Check out the post here.

The second is an absolutely hilarious analysis of Voldermort. I loved every word in this one because there are flaws that screamed out as I read and watched the movies about this supposed-villain who doesn’t want to change the world or even get glory but rather wants to harm an eleven year old. Absolutely brilliantly written. Loved it. Check it out here.

This is definitely a blog I’ll be following. It’s too good to pass.

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