Still reading…

I just read the four Chesapeake Bay saga books by Nora Roberts. One after the other. Problem was, when I was done, I just couldn’t face the ending…so I started on the MacKade Brothers’ series by the same author.

It’s all I’ve done. Just reading. All day. My eyes actually feel stiff, my back feels tired, my legs are numb from not moving.

It’s delicious.

I highly recommend it. Go. Get a row of yummy books, books you can’t put down and start. Just read. Until your eyes hurt. Man alive. So good.

Life does continue around me. We’re getting freezing rain tonight (of course) coupled with snow (for variety) and ice pellets (to finish off). The dogs are filthy and I have work tomorrow…which means I won’t be able to read…which means I better finish this post so I can finish these books tonight.

I should be writing or working out or doing something productive but…hey. It was my birthday this weekend, so I got some books and read until my eyes hurt.

There are worse ways to spend a day. 🙂





7 thoughts on “Still reading…

  1. I’ve read one of those MacKade books. I liked that one. We need take a time-out now and then, even for a whole day. I’ve just sent my husband off to some important business meetings. You know, it felt just like that scene in The Bridges of Madison County (I assume you’ve read it and seen the movie, otherwise you need to continue with both the book and movie with you’re done with the MacKades), where Francesca has waved goodbye to her family and she sighs of relief just enjoying being alone for a couple of days, and be able to listen to whatever radio station she’d like. I can read, I can write and I can do it all in my own pace. *Bliss*

  2. Sometimes you just need to stick your nose in a book for a while. You picked good ones too. I loved the McKade series.

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