For the Love of Libraries

What a beautiful post! I too loved going to the library. I’d go for hours and read away. It was a hideaway, a treasure and an adventure all in one!

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library Growing up, our local library was almost a second home to me. Both my parents worked, so in the afternoons my sister and I would often walk the short distance from school to the library and spend a couple of hours tucked away in what was then a modest children’s room. Though the library has undergone several major renovations, including the children’s room, I can still see that room in my mind’s eye.

The circulation desk was in the center of the room and was flanked on two sides by tall, metal bookshelves that never seemed quite firmly rooted to the floor. On the third side was a bank of lower shelves whose configuration created a small nook in one corner of the room. The tiled floor of that nook was made slightly cozier by the addition of several rather worn vinyl recliner cushions. I loved that little corner and…

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4 thoughts on “For the Love of Libraries

  1. I’m gonna go ahead and blogroll Live to Write at The Writing Catalog. Last thing I’m doing before I go to sleep.

    You’ve convinced me that I should keep up with them.

    🙂 I hope life is good for you.

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