Should You Move To Canada?

Just a cute, funny post I thought I’d share on a Sunday. Be warned. It’s got nothing to do with writing. Or books.

Moving company Toronto

Do you enjoy real maple syrup?


Yes. Of course. Who doesn’t?

Did you know that Canada has a global strategic maple syrup reserve?

Well, they do! The reserve was established to ensure a steady and continuous supply in the event that something happens to maple trees. If you like maple syrup, you’ll probably love Canada!

Do you knowingly commit crimes on a regular basis?


✓ No! I’m no criminal ?

In Canada, police departments give out ‘positive tickets’ to thank people for doing good.

The idea came from Ward Clapham, a 28-year retired veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He envisioned a world in which police officers rewarded the good in people, rather than just looking for the bad.

How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?


I love it. ?

Canadians invented Hawaiian pizza!

The first Hawaiian pizza was cooked in 1960 by Sam Panopoulos at…

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4 thoughts on “Should You Move To Canada?

  1. I actually, seriously, think I should move to Canada. The few Canadians I know are all nice people. I do love maple syrup. I’ve got a soft spot for Prince Edward Island, even if I’ve never been there. I love the outdoors, and living close to nature and would most definitely enjoy the nature. And, most importantly, I’ve been a die-hard ice hockey fan for as long as I could remember and for large parts of my life I lived in countries where the majority of the population don’t even know that the sport exists. I’m nocturnal because that’s when I can get my hockey fix and watch and listen to NHL games. And it would be awesome to actually be able to see a game _with_ other people that knows what a puck is.

    • I agree! You should totally move here! You’ve got all the necessities already covered! And yes, Canadians tend to apologize for everything and we’re mad about hockey. Absolutely come over and join us!!

  2. I would have moved to Canada 15 years ago except for two things:

    It would be very expensive; and

    I hate winter.

    Had no idea about the Hawaiian pizza. This is a very cool post.

    • I’m chuckling at your answer just now. I can relate to the winter issue. It’s a real issue because it happens every year. Here, there’s no getting away from the snow and ice.
      I had no idea about the pizza either.
      Thanks for the compliment!

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