A real gem

I’ve been doing nothing but reading all day. True, I did have to take my car in to get fixed–but I brought my book with me–and yes, I had to eat and get dressed and go–but I also did most of those things with the book in one hand.

The funny thing is, it was a book I had already read. I knew what’s going to happen. I knew the twists and turns, the conflicts and even some of the lines the characters would say.

I still couldn’t put the thing down.

The book in question is Sea Swept by Nora Roberts.

(credit: amazon.ca)

(credit: amazon.ca)

Do you have books like that? That you read and read and then read again? Aren’t they the most amazing thing? Ever?

I’m literally in love. Again.

2 thoughts on “A real gem

  1. I obviously need to read this book.
    I’ve only read a couple of Nora Roberts books and they’ve been ‘fine’, but not something I’d consider returning to.

    I read very few books more than once, but I have a couple of historical romance books that I’ve returned to a few times. One is a LaVyrle Spencer book, and one is a Johanna Lindsey, but I read them in Norwegian and I’ve never checked out the English titles.

    Oh, and I’ve read sections of Shantaram more than once. I really love that book and I wish that G.D. Roberts would get his butt moving and publish something new soon.

    • I hear you on waiting for books to be released. Oh, the agony! I’ve heard of LaVyrle Spencer…I can’t remember now if I’ve read her or not…I might have to check her out. Love hearing about possible books. Thank you for the tips and for commenting!

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