Psychology in writing

Writers are psychologists. They have to be.

Books take us through a character’s journey. Some part of that journey has to be psychological. I would add that, the most interesting part of the journey is their psychological quest for balance or for self-awareness or for self-compassion etc. In order for that journey to be even slightly realistic and, therefore compelling, the writer has to know a bit about psychology.

Victoria Grefer agrees with me. I loved her post: 5 Psychological Struggles that Enhance Great Plot in Fiction. Loved it.

They are: redemption, the impossible choice, sacrifice, growth and letting go. Just writing them makes me start asking questions, thinking about possibilities and start wondering how it would look like. They’re simply delicious. 5 amazing conflicts. Love them.

14 thoughts on “Psychology in writing

  1. Thinking of psychology, I think the reason Shakespeare is so great is he understood the human condition better than anybody before or since. At least he was able to express it in a way that made us understand it a little better, which, in ways, is the same thing.

  2. HAHA, I actually read that one too and loved it. I always like Crimson though. I’ve got 4 yrs psychology for what little good it does. So does the lady that cuts my hair, HA! (not lying about that either)

  3. Great post and another really useful link, thanks for sharing 🙂 I think finding the right conflicts and emotional struggles in writing is part of what makes great stories!

  4. I’m so happy that I took up blogging again, actually. Or rather that I switched from my mother tongue to English and started to read authors and writers blog.

    There are so many inspiring and useful posts. And sometimes it’s really nice to come across something like this, and to see that you’ve summed up my story in five points: Redemption, the impossible choice, sacrifice, growth and letting go.

    That doesn’t mean I’m able to write it out in a good way, of course. But at least it’s an indication that I’ve built on the right idea. I hope.

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