A-to-Z Day 7: Genre

I loved this post. It was insightful, very well written and made so much sense. I particularly loved this paragraph:
“The element of storytelling that’s essential in all genres, if I have to only name one, is that the characters act like human beings. That means they’re not always just depressed or happy, because life is an emotional thrill ride.”

I thought Gene’O hit it out of the ballpark with this one. A big thanks to him for this great post!

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Genre can mean a couple of things. It can be used to distinguish fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry, etc.

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It can also be used to categorize work as fantasy, romance, literary, etc. I suppose that technically, that second set of categories should be sub-genres, but that’s not how most people use the word.

I view genre as a set of conventions. I don’t make distinctions about the value of the work based on genre; but I do ask questions like:

  • How well is the author using the conventions of the genre?
  • Are they being innovative?
  • Using the same old tricks people have always used for this story?
  • Making some interesting statement about the genre itself?
  • Incorporating elements of other genres? (I love it when people do this).

I will admit, like anyone else, I prefer some genres to others. I like fantasy, sci-fi, modern realism, literary…

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