5 Tips to write a great blog post

I liked the title of this post even before I read it because I blog on a daily basis and I’m always happy to find new ways to create better posts.

 wrote the post and, as promised, it contains easy tips for a better post. All you have to do is answer those five questions.

But maybe answering questions isn’t for you. Well, here‘s another format for you. This time, Rachel Sprung has 5 steps. I thought they were pretty good, easy to follow and broad enough for any blog.

Though there’s something to be said for inspiration and going with your gut, I like the idea of having a goal for my posts and keeping a focus for my blog. In my goal to be a professional writer, I want a blog that remains professional, elegant and keeps writing as a focus.

(credit: roflzoo.com)

(credit: roflzoo.com)

Most of the time.



8 thoughts on “5 Tips to write a great blog post

  1. That Sprung article tracks quite nicely with my own way of doing things, when what I am doing with my blog is trying to do is maximize attention (That’s not always what I’m doing). She has more firm grasp on some of the technical stuff, so there are thing for me to learn there, I am sure.

    The “pick a catchy title” is something I learned from writing headlines. I can definitely vouch for that, and for the first four steps, as good advice.

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