A funny sort of Spring

We’re getting snow. I kid you not. It’s snowing outside and I have the pictures to prove it.

Mother Nature has lost her pretty, little mind. Either that or she has forgotten that it’s April and by all rights we should be having nice weather.

We should have known. After the worse winter in years, the last five days or so have been warm days with temperatures on the plus side. Delighted, we started to shed layers. The sun was getting into the act as well and shining like he meant it. The banks of snow started to shrink and the birds were singing. Spring was in the air and in everyone’s mind. When I saw a few blades of green grass, I almost cried for joy.

The akitas started panting and ran outside to hug the remaining snow.

Then today, we woke up to this.



Obviously, Mother Nature thinks snow is the new black.

The akitas think this is the bomb. Having found the Land of Perpetual Winter, they’re running outside in mad circles celebrating.

I beg to differ.

15 thoughts on “A funny sort of Spring

  1. Whoa!!!!! I mean, over here in England it’s not brilliant. But I can out up with some clouds…however, snow?!! WHOA.

  2. Because I live in the Deep South, I think snow is beautiful, romantic & downright wonderful. Of course I’ve never lived with it for months at a time. We have lots of sunshine, then rain, then massive amounts of humidity. We have winter for a week or two. But, I’m wishing you an early mild summer.

    • Winter for a week or two? A WEEK? I had to read your comment twice to make sure I didn’t make a mistake. Wow. A week. I can’t imagine.
      Snow is beautiful and romantic and wonderful…and freezing and destructive and isolating. It’s only when we have it for months and months that we complain. This year, we’ve had it non-stop since November. We’re ready for some warner weather…It’ll come…we just have to be patient. They’re announcing 10-15 cm of snow tonight. Sigh.

      • So I’m awful about playing with my estimates, but we really had about 6 weeks of winter. We had about 1/2 inch-1 inch of snow and the schools closed for 2 days. This was the coldest winter in about 20 years with below freezing weather maybe 10 nights. We are in full bloom Spring, with green grass, hot pink flowers & 80′ highs. We generally like it here until August, when we have 90% humidity and 100′ heat. Sorry i’m a bit of a weather nerd. We have had F2 tornadoes 30 miles from here this week, then there are the hurricanes. Sorta sounds like plagues from the Bible, huh?
        I would very much like to spend at least a month in your winter, or so I believe. I have very much enjoyed your photos. Gives me something to dream about.

      • I’m glad our frozen land gives you nice dreams. It is truly beautiful…just very, very cold. It can get cold enough, your eyes water and the tears freeze. Cold enough your nose sticks shut when you breathe in and cold enough your hand freezes to any metal it touches. Once it was cold enough, you could get a glass of water and pour it and it would be snow by the time it hit the ground (I’m not kidding!). Days like that are hard on cars and people. But it’s beautiful.
        Ironically, I don’t like it too hot. I can’t handle the heat. So maybe, even though I complain, I’m suited to my Canadian winters after all. Still, I think I’d love to visit your beautiful summers for a week or so.
        We could trade! 🙂

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