Posts I loved this week

I had all sorts of interesting posts this week to choose from. Check them out!

Winter Bayne is hilarious. Check out this great post about knitting of all things and hold on to your hat. This is not a post about socks. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

What would this post be without a reference to Infinitefreetime. Here‘s an example of why he’s mentioned here over and over. Cute and funny at once.

If you’re a fan of historical romance, don’t miss Geri Walton’s blog. From men’s fashion in hair to words and terms used in the day, she’s a great place to go to for resources and to answer questions. She’s also got an amazing reference page for authors here. And a great link to Victorian Era Top sites!

If you’re struggling with the writing process or looking for a fresh perspective into it, check out this great post by . She’s someone who loves editing and has the tips to prove it!

Now it’s April and it’s also the A to Z challenge. The Writing Catalog is taking part in this and I was so excited to see the posts. The topics alone had me drooling. I wasn’t disappointed! Check out this awesome post on Audience by Gene’O. I had never thought of it like that!

Along those lines, what else is awesome and exciting in April? Book releases! The Book Chick has this great list (that just keeps growing as she finds more releases) right here. A big thanks to her for this awesome list (with covers and buy links!).

Jamie Lee Wallace does a beautiful job of describing what a writer is in this post. Almost poetically explaining how writers see the world differently. I loved it. What a beautiful post.

I particularly loved this post by Skye Callahan. One because it was personal and, like Gene’O comments here, a personal connection in a post helps me connect to it as well. But also because it’s a question that resonated with me. Why do we write? For ourselves? For the audience? For our bank accounts? Skye Callahan answers those questions in her great post.


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