Tips for marketing

Tiana Warner had this great post about marketing in Jane Friedman‘s awesome site. I actually was almost reluctant to read it because I had heard all the hard-sales pitches before. I don’t like it when someone tries to sell me something. I make up neither does anyone else. Shouting out: Buy my book! Just doesn’t work–at least for me.

But Tiana surprised me because her approach was completely different. I loved when she said:

“Marketing is no longer about ads. It’s about adding value to peoples’ lives with content….Be generous without expecting or asking for anything in return. Generosity is the foundation of a strong following.”

I loved that because it sounded kind…and maybe because there was a bit of Zen in there. No?

Try this quote:

“We shouldn’t try to stand out of the crowd. The crowd will make us change who we are. The way to stand out is to avoid the crowd altogether.”

It’s definitely a different way to approach marketing and incredibly refreshing. These 7 ideas are exactly that, different and refreshing. What a great post! A big thanks to Tiana Warner for them!


6 thoughts on “Tips for marketing

    • Morning, Winter! I had one of those days at my DayJob yesterday that go for 12 hours straight. I’m back today though and I’m glad that you’re writing! I knew you would! You’re going to do awesome, I know it!

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