Adopting a dog. A win-win

We adopted both our dogs.

We got Ocean to help our bullmastiff deal with his anxiety and, when he passed away, we got River so Ocean wouldn’t be lonely.

Neither dog had been abused or hurt in any way and both have blended into our family with very few issues. River was (and still is) a little harder to introduce to our home because he was a kennel dog and had never had any of the experiences most dogs take for granted. No walks, no collar, no treats, no cushions, no friends to play with. With Ocean he’s discovering the joys of tumbling in the snow, playing king of the snow hill and chasing the birds.

People warned us against adopting a dog. They said they would come with ‘problems’. They warned us they wouldn’t bond with us.

They were wrong.

Ocean and River adore us. River is big, gentle and very loving. He’s passionate about hugs, loves treats and needs a lot of training. Ocean follows us like a shadow, loves running around outside with us and wants nothing more than to please us.

Overall, we’ve had such an incredibly positive experience with them that I have no doubt, our next dog will also be adopted.

Adopting is truly a win-win.






28 thoughts on “Adopting a dog. A win-win

  1. Lovely post 🙂 When I decided to get a dog, I looked into adopting but couldn’t as there was none that were ok with cats (we had 2 at the time) plus it was my first dog and wanted to build up knowledge. If I have dogs again, they will definitely be adopted, especially now I have experience with them.

  2. The relationship between a human and their pets is so special. Whether an adopted animal comes with ‘baggage’ or not, the companionship will be just as beneficial for the new owner as it will be for them. I think adopting an animal and giving them a steady, loving home is a wonderful thing to do. Lovely post! 🙂

  3. 🙂 This is lovely.

    I’ve got an adopted dog lying on his back, paws up in the air, head on my leg right now, vying for attention with my laptop because he wants me to protect him from the thunder. He loves everyone in our little family, including the 5 year old Little Jedi. He often curls up on the back of the couch, right around one of our necks, paws and/or head draped over a shoulder. He’s been ours since August of 2013, so for just 7 months, but he couldn’t be more part of our family if we’d raised him from puppyhood.

    Adopting is the way to go. I wish more people would adopt their pets.

      • Haha, yes, mud. I find the mud easier to clean than the hair, though. Winter is coming (in the southern hemisphere, anyway) and ours are shedding their summer fur that just seems to get everywhere it’s not supposed to!

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