Writing with a day job

I have a day job. It provides a steady pay check and benefits and they cover things like the mortgage, bills, clothes, food and extras like doggies. Those are the benefits, the problem is it sucks up so much writing time.

Because it’s a full-time job, I only write when my day job is done.

I think most of us face the choice of having to quit our day job or writing part-time. It’s a tough choice. For me, the finances take precedence, and I write part-time.

I try and balance things. I have a husband who’d like to see me more than once a week and doggies who need petting. Some where in there, I work out and find time to write. Oh…and there’s this blog…It’s not easy to find time for everything.

Here’s a post by Nathan Bransford on how he finds balance with his day job.

Here’s another by Skye Callahan on her struggles to find balance.

How do you do it? Or, better still, how do you wish you could do it?

12 thoughts on “Writing with a day job

  1. My wife likes to see me on occasion and my pets (dogs and cats) need my attention so I’m in the same boat. I often lock myself away for hours at a time. I do a lot of my writing in my head, which I can do in the car, taking breaks at work, walking the dogs, exercising, etc. Then I just take dictation on material I already wrote.

  2. I would be absolutely set if I did not have to run around & do things for my entire family. I have me (which is usually last on the totem pole), West my SO, my technology incompetent mother, my beloved dad, my older brother with so many issues I can’t get into, his daughter that I help raise, my grandmother, my great aunt…then my cat. If I didn’t have those, I’d be spitting out a novel a month 😉 Can’t give them up or away though. I WISHED I only had to work around my paycheck job!

  3. I am incredibly lucky to write as a full-time gig. After being made redundant from my job, now over a year ago, though I would get another pretty quick. Well, that didn’t work out at all 😀 Though I’m not sure I would write if I had a job too, I am not that kind of person. I admire you and everyone who has a job and writes as well, you are very inspiring!

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